Monday, February 18, 2013

Souls Unglued

"What I tell you now in the darkness, shout abroad when daybreak comes. What I whisper in your ear; shout from the housetops for all too hear." 
Matthew 10:27, NLT
The first morning of Writer's Advance Boot Camp, I was almost booted to the floor. As I lunged forward, the corner of the mattress broke my fall. Boot camp coordinators had given us a charge to "Advance!" but I am relatively sure nose-diving into the carpet is not what they had in mind.
I looked down at my stylish black boots, the likely culprits. One sole had become unglued and now flapped precariously with each step. (Note to self: Always pack two pairs of black shoes.) I scuffed my way to the conference room hoping to remain upright, while trying to hide my fashion faux pas.
God never misses an opportunity to teach, and my well-ventilated shoe amplified his message for the morning. Sometimes it is good to come unglued.
Let's face it. It's easier to coordinate our outfits than our lives. We are not glamorous runway models depicted in flawless, airbrushed glossies. We are world-worn sojourners with a God-given platform and a call to be real. Can I really say, "God use me to share your message," and then stop short of baring my soul? Tranparency may cost us, but the soul of another is priceless. Am I willing to pay the price to affect someone's life for eternity? Christ gave his all. Can I do any less?
God has entrusted us with a unique ministry, and our experiences set us apart. If we remain silent, our stories will be left untold, and his will remain unheard. Who knows, baring one's soul may actually become fashionable and bring life-changing results.
So flap open your soul, and wear your faux pas with style. 

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